Peace: A dedicated poem: RIP Drummer Lee Rigby



peace poem

Written for the murdered soldier, DRUMMER LEE RIGBY. RIPDrummer Lee Rigby


It was a sad day in, Britain, when this young man was attacked, and butchered in a  London street. So many witnessed the event, and it touched the hearts of many. It was a racial attack. The country is struggling to come to terms with the event, and now, more than ever, folk pray for peace, and calm.

My condolences to his family.



About Glynis Smy

I live in the UK, in the seaside town of, Dovercourt~Harwich, where I enjoy writing novels. I've written historical romance/suspense, Medical romance and my latest WIP is in the crime genre. The Victorian era fascinates me and the best part of writing a novel is often the research. Proud writing moments in my life: Shortlisted for Festival of Romance Fiction 2014 New Talent Award Reaching second round of Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 Maggie's Child: reached #1 Amazon best-seller: Historical Romance Victorian /February 2014/ebook & book paid list. May 2014 #3 Historical Romance Victorian, and #25 in Historical Romance paid top 100 best-seller list. Top 100 in three categories on Amazon UK best-seller listings in 2015. Seeing my books in a Suffolk (UK), library. Over the years I've written short stories in a variety of genres. I've also won a few poetry contests, my first was at the age of twelve, (a poem about the Bangladeshi war). I also won a children's short story competition where the prize was a first-aid box, I was so proud but my husband found it amusing because we owned two pharmacies. My articles have been published in magazines both in the UK and Cyprus. I am also featured in various places on-line. When I am not writing, I enjoy making greetings cards, Cross Stitch, fishing and the company of my little granddaughters.
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8 Responses to Peace: A dedicated poem: RIP Drummer Lee Rigby

  1. Lovely, Glynis. We remember him in Canada, too.

    • glynissmy1 says:

      Yvonne. It is heartbreaking, and I think the world is shocked.

      • We’ve had a couple of threats here, too. Fanaticism – all kinds of it – is so divisive and destructive. Canada is mostly pretty accepting and safe, so when we found out there were plots here that could have been fatal we were shocked, too. It strikes at our core beliefs, which is what makes it so dangerous. The result is less trust and less acceptance and tolerance – which can only lead to further alienation of groups that would normally see eye to eye. This is how wars start.

  2. glynissmy1 says:

    Yvonne, so long as the extremists keep calm, the country will unite. The Muslim community is just as shocked, and condemn the two men, and their mentors, as much as the Christian community. I am not religious, more spiritual, but I do pray that the majority remain calm.

  3. It is an awful time indeed.

    Your poem is beautiful Glynis.

  4. Beautifully done, Glynis. And such a tragedy.

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