London: Friends & Blackbirds.

London. My Sunday night stay in London was wonderful. I didn’t make it to the museum as I found my room inviting, relaxing and a quiet haven to write in, so I used the time to unwind from my caring role. I took a short walk to purchase lemons for author, Jessica Bell, and a few treats for myself. In the tranquil environment of what equates to being an airline cabin, (cheap, clean, and ideal), I awaited her arrival.

Oh boy, I was not disappointed. What a lovely young woman she is, and we both said it was just as if we had always known each other, there was definitely not a twenty-six year age gap between us. The Internet was just another room and we stepped out of it to enjoy coffee together.

We then walked to meet other authors at a pub/restaurant. We entered, and there to meet us were so many familiar faces it was like a family reunion.

2014-04-06 10.16.13

First class travel … quiet writing moment … bliss

2014-04-06 14.16.39

My mini bar/snack tray – essentials for unwinding until the evening meet up.

2014-04-06 20.15.36

R – L … Talli Roland. Alison Morton. Jessica Bell. Me, myself and I

2014-04-06 21.27.42

Rohan Quine. Jane Davis

2014-04-06 21.11.21

Amie McCracken

2014-04-06 21.26.42

Carol Cooper. Les Moriarty







We chatted and drank wine. We ate and chatted. I cannot describe the feeling I had when it occurred to me that it was real, a real writer meet up. Not a conference but a gathering of like-minded friends. I met a few new ones who are just super folk.

Why Blackbird in the title?

When I lived in Cyprus one of the things I missed was the twilight call of a Blackbird. In the UK during Springtime the male calls a magical song as the evening sets in, and I used to enjoy sitting with a glass of wine and listen. Before Alzheimer’s took my father totally he joked and said he would return as a Blackbird so he could sing all day. Right up to the day I said my goodbye to him, my father sang. We sang our favourite song together eight days before he died. His brain held onto music.

Upon our arrival in the UK a Blackbird came to the home and sat on the roof, he sang his heart out. I mentioned it was as if the spirit of my father had embraced my return. The bird has not stopped singing, he sings all day and evening, and now his mate is nest building in the garden. Where am I going with this story? The pub in which I met those wonderful folk in, is named, The Blackbird. Again, I think my father guided Talli’s hand to dial that pub’s number. I am not a sentimentalist but the romantic writer in me has claimed the right to think the Blackbird is my guide in the UK, and my dear old dad sent it. Laugh, I am sure you will but I do not mind, I am content, have new friends, and a pet Blackbird!

2013-06-30 17.29.37

June 2014 … Mr. Blackbird arrived

The Blackbird Pub – Earls Court – London (photograph borrowed from the pub website)



About Glynis Smy

I live in the UK, in the seaside town of, Dovercourt~Harwich, where I enjoy writing novels. I've written historical romance/suspense, Medical romance and my latest WIP is in the crime genre. The Victorian era fascinates me and the best part of writing a novel is often the research. Proud writing moments in my life: Shortlisted for Festival of Romance Fiction 2014 New Talent Award Reaching second round of Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 Maggie's Child: reached #1 Amazon best-seller: Historical Romance Victorian /February 2014/ebook & book paid list. May 2014 #3 Historical Romance Victorian, and #25 in Historical Romance paid top 100 best-seller list. Top 100 in three categories on Amazon UK best-seller listings in 2015. Seeing my books in a Suffolk (UK), library. Over the years I've written short stories in a variety of genres. I've also won a few poetry contests, my first was at the age of twelve, (a poem about the Bangladeshi war). I also won a children's short story competition where the prize was a first-aid box, I was so proud but my husband found it amusing because we owned two pharmacies. My articles have been published in magazines both in the UK and Cyprus. I am also featured in various places on-line. When I am not writing, I enjoy making greetings cards, Cross Stitch, fishing and the company of my little granddaughters.
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13 Responses to London: Friends & Blackbirds.

  1. And why not, stranger things have happened.

  2. Oh, what a lovely time, Glynis! I’m so pleased for you, and so grateful you were willing to share it with us.

  3. hilarymb says:

    Hi Glynis – that sounds like a great set of remembrances .. I’m so pleased you met up and actually got to meet some other wonderful authors, who we feel ‘we know well too’ … love the photos … and then your blackbird … and your Dad.

    It’s funny as I always thought blackbirds sang so profusely so early in the morning .. and actually asked a bird blogger – he said they sing so early and so loudly as they used to be woodland birds and need to compete with the other garden birds .. and sang in the morning – but then that was what I specifically asked: what sang so early in the morning … 3.30am .. and on …

    The connection your father is just lovely ..and how they still come into our lives, even after they’ve gone … so pleased you had such an amazing time …

    Cheers Hilary

    • Glynis Smy says:

      Thanks, Hilary. Yes, the Blackbird has taken to singing whenever he feels inspired. My memories of Blackbirds while in Cyprus was of the evening song. I will confess I never rose at 3.30am so wouldn’t have heard that chorus! Ours tends to go to town on the roof around 5pm until 7pm, so I wonder if there is a bird that threatens him in the area. I do love to hear his song but not sure I would appreciate it early hours whilst trying to sleep!

  4. Indeed, stranger things have happened!

    I’ve seen Talli’s pics from facebook of the meetup. Pleased to know you all enjoyed yourselves.

  5. cfjeanjean says:

    That’s awesome to meet up with other writers like that – I have yet to meet Internet friends in real life, but I’m so glad to hear you had such a wonderful time!

    And that’s a lovely story about the Blackbird and your father. I have to admit I have no idea what a blackbird sounds like, but I love the idea of the link between your father’s love of singing and the bird’s song!

  6. denizb33 says:

    Not laughing, but teary. That’s so sweet, Glynis! I feel silly but not sure if I’d recognise a blackbird’s call…
    So envious of your awesome meetup!

  7. Glynis, what a beautiful post! I was SO SO happy to meet you. I am positive we will be lifelong friends. Lots of love to you. XOXO

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