Normal Service

My lack of posts is due to alterations and obliterations of various critters crawling around my PC. I’ve now cleaned up and cleared them out!

Normal service with my writing? um, nothing normal, simply peeling away the excess and tightening up the paragraphs.

For those of you who signed up for my Newsletter, be patient. I will get back to sending them out. I’ve been on courses of various sorts and learning new marketing skills, such as, remember to write a newsletter!

I do get to read most of your posts thanks to new organised system and will continue to do so. I am going through a period of change with my writing time and how I spend it, so be patient with me.

A wonderful day in London spent with Jessica Bell, Talli Roland, Carol Cooper, Alison Morton, Jane Davis, and many other fabulous authors was tarnished by the dreadful stabbings and van-ramming on London Bridge/Borough Market. We had spent hours enjoying ourselves in much the same way as the victims, but just around the corner. It shook me to the core but made me appreciate how lucky we all were.


About Glynis Smy

I live in the UK, in the seaside town of, Dovercourt~Harwich, where I enjoy writing novels. I've written historical romance/suspense, Medical romance and my latest WIP is in the crime genre. The Victorian era fascinates me and the best part of writing a novel is often the research. Proud writing moments in my life: Shortlisted for Festival of Romance Fiction 2014 New Talent Award Reaching second round of Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014 Maggie's Child: reached #1 Amazon best-seller: Historical Romance Victorian /February 2014/ebook & book paid list. May 2014 #3 Historical Romance Victorian, and #25 in Historical Romance paid top 100 best-seller list. Top 100 in three categories on Amazon UK best-seller listings in 2015. Seeing my books in a Suffolk (UK), library. Over the years I've written short stories in a variety of genres. I've also won a few poetry contests, my first was at the age of twelve, (a poem about the Bangladeshi war). I also won a children's short story competition where the prize was a first-aid box, I was so proud but my husband found it amusing because we owned two pharmacies. My articles have been published in magazines both in the UK and Cyprus. I am also featured in various places on-line. When I am not writing, I enjoy making greetings cards, Cross Stitch, fishing and the company of my little granddaughters.
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3 Responses to Normal Service

  1. Sorry to hear about your PC woes, Glynis. Isn’t that frustrating? I’m glad it’s all sorted, though, and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Glad to see things cleared up.

  3. Good that things are clearing up.

    And now there’s the fire to add onto what’s been happening.

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